Conclusion of License Agreement with Georgetown University

June 3, 2024
J-Pharma Co., Ltd.

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J-Pharma Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture). Masuhiro Yoshitake, President & CEO announced that J-Pharma has entered into an agreement with Georgetown University granting an exclusive worldwide license to use patents and patent applications held by Georgetown University for an amino acid transporter inhibitor for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (including MS). Upon conclusion of this agreement, J-Pharma will pay Georgetown University an upfront payment, milestone achievement payments based on progress in development and marketing, and royalties based on net sales.

Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to people around the world to maintain good health and through the development of innovative new drugs that address unmet medical needs. And through the investigation of new possibilities for SLC transporters, we are committed to developing new drugs as a global venture in order to realize this philosophy.

The Company and Georgetown University have been collaborating since 2019 to analyze the pharmaceutical efficacy of LAT1 inhibitors using mouse models of multiple sclerosis. Study results show that JPH034 modulates local inflammation of the central nervous system in demyelinating lesions, suggesting that JPH034 may be an effective drug for treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The JPH034 development program was selected in June 2023 for a Fast Forward Research and Commercialization Grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), which is known for its highly competitive and rigorous evaluation processes, and there are high expectations from all quarters.

The conclusion of this license agreement will greatly advance the development and commercialization of JPH034, and will also substantially contribute to the acquisition of technical specialties and business development through an ongoing collaboration with Georgetown University.

We will do our utmost to meet the expectations of our shareholders; patients who have high expectations for the drug; and medical professionals as we push forward with the challenge of drug discovery. To this end, we will achieve financing and partnering to achieve our development plans with an appropriate balance of risk and return.

Video interview with Dr. Jeffrey Huang, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor, Georgetown University College of Arts and Sciences

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