Corporate Website Renewal Announcement

May 16, 2024
J-Pharma Co., Ltd.

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J-Pharma Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Masuhiro Yoshitake, President & CEO ) announces the complete renewal of its corporate website.

Our home page

We define our Corporate Philosophy as: “By pursuing new possibilities for SLC transporters and developing innovative new drugs that address unmet medical needs, we will contribute to supporting people around the world to maintain good health and hope.” We are committed to developing new drugs as a global venture in order to realize this philosophy.

In this complete renewal of the website, we have enhanced the content and redesigned the design and page structure to present our business in an easier-to-understand manner. We will continue to actively disclose information on our business activities to maintain and develop good relationships with our stakeholders.

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