Notice of Board of Directors Appointments

June 28, 2023
J-Pharma Co., Ltd.

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J-Pharma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa; President & CEO: Masuhiro Yoshitake) announces that the following appointments of directors and auditors have been resolved at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 27, 2023, and the subsequent Board of Directors meeting.

Title Name
Representative Director
and President & CEO
Masuhiro Yoshitake Re-appointed
and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Yutaka Fujimoto New
External Director Sadashi Suzuki Re-appointed
External Director Shinichiro Komoto Re-appointed
External Director Toshiyuki Mori Re-appointed
External Director Kazunobu Nishimura Re-appointed
Full-time Corporate Auditor Tadashi Takeuchi Continuation
External Corporate Auditor Teruhisa Tajima Continuation
External Corporate Auditor Kosaku Kawaguchi New

・Mr. Toshio Furuta retired from the position of External Corporate Auditor and Mr. Kosaku Kawaguchi assumed the position of External Corporate Auditor.

Yutaka Fujimoto Biography (Newly Appointed Director)

Master of Engineering from the University of Tokyo, MBA with Distinction (top 10%) from Cornell University. After working in the Tokyo and Los Angeles offices of ZS Associates, a global consulting firm in the healthcare business, where he provided management consulting services to pharmaceutical companies, Mr. Fujimoto joined Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Global Business Division, where he was responsible for analyzing and planning business strategies. He founded Zpeer Inc. in June 2013 and joined J-Pharma as Interim CFO (Chief Financial Officer) on April 1, 2023.

  • Kosaku Kawaguchi Biography (Newly Appointed Auditor)

Mr. Kawaguchi is an attorney at Kitamura, Kato & Sano Law Office. Mr. Kawaguchi concurrently serves as an External Corporate Auditor of div Inc., an External Director (member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee) of Logly, Inc., and an External Corporate Auditor of CCReB Advisors Inc.

With the appointment of Mr. Yutaka Fujimoto as Director and CFO, and Mr. Kosaku Kawaguchi as External Corporate Auditor, we will accelerate the approval of L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1) inhibitor (nanvuranlat) in Japan and the United States and strengthen our management structure to deliver new drugs from Japan to the world.

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